Our Services

To provide your live-stream web broadcast, we can either bring production equipment onsite and work with your AN (audio/video) company to produce an outstanding high-definition live-stream web broadcast of your event - or live-stream web broadcast your event, remotely, using your cameras and broadcasting equipment, and on-site personnel. We provide the bandwidth and technical support to live-stream web broadcast your event in both scenarios.

Interpretation, multiple formats, multiple bitrates, high-definition, and videoconference feeds are all within our capabilities. We can integrate within your existing AN infrastructure or conduct the production.

We will strive to help you produce the best possible viewing and/or listening experience.


V Sports

We are convinced that even the smallest sports events deserve an appropriate video coverage. Therefore, Vektorious offers the perfectly customized, high-quality but still affordable streaming solution for your sports event or organization.

The unique characteristic of our solution is the possibility to add professional HD graphics with in-game live statistics to your video stream. In this way Vektorious provides a state-of-the-art game page with live video feed, game clock and statistics at a glance.

Our video streaming solutions are best suited for:

  • Sport events
  • Tournaments
  • Sports Organizations
  • Leagues

V Municipal

Sometimes it is not easy to get all your residents and employees together at the same time on the same place. With the help of Vektorious you can now provide a platform to your community that allows anyone, anywhere, anytime, to come together.

By installing an individual streaming solution into your e.g. town hall you can easily stream your community events or town meetings to reach more of your residents.

Our video streaming solutions are best suited for:

Announcements •
Community events •
Meetings •
Presentations •
Education •


V Hotel

With Vektorious‘ solutions you can generate additional value to your hotel portfolio.

By offering on-site and mobile video conferencing in your hotel you can promote the loyalty of your business customers. Whether international business meeting or small presentation – Vektorious provides the perfect streaming solution.

Our web-based video solutions can be used for something as simple as a conversation between two people in different offices (point-to-point), or they can incorporate multiple people in multiple sites around the world (multi-point).

Additional features that can be incorporated into a video conference include the ability to share documents, computer-displayed information, and whiteboards.

Our video conferencing solutions are best suited for:

  • Meetings
  • Interviews
  • Presentations
  • Training
  • Education