Vektorious takes pride in developing innovative live-stream web broadcasting solutions over the internet, which is the most powerful, cost-effective way to communicate to sports enthusiasts, constituents, employees, customers, partners and shareholders. We specialise in fully integrated live-stream webcasting solutions by professionally capturing and simultaneously broadcasting your event, with high-definition video and audio, either on-site or remotely.

Vektorious provides fully integrated services for:


Sporting events

world events, professional, semi-professional, university, college, intramural, amateur and secondary school games

Government meetings

meetings of federal and provincial departments, and municipal council meetings broadcast to the public

School board meetings


Corporate events

such as AGMs, webinars and general announcements

Conventions and trade shows


Product launches

Our Structure

Vektorious is a corporation formed by two leading firmly established international live-streaming web broadcasting corporations: hockeydata and iSi LIVE.

hockeydata Inc. is Austria's leading software provider in sport statistics since 2004, by providing multimedia display systems and live television graphics during sports broadcasts. hockeydata offers professional solutions for various types of sport, especially ice hockey, American football, inline hockey, futsal and soccer. Its products and services are designed to generate added value for each customer in the context of sports events – whether tournament director or casual fan. hockeydata pays particular attention to a customised and flexible arrangement of all its products, which can be used separately or combined with other modules to enable customers a pleasant viewing experience.

» hockeydata.net

iSi LIVE is a leading Canadian live-stream webcaster in its 22nd year of performing live-stream webcasting services in Canada, United States, Mexico and United Kingdom. Since 1997, iSi LIVE has specialised in performing live-stream and archived webcasting services for local, provincial and federal governments, school boards, NGO's and corporations to provide governments', corporations' and citizens' with the ability to access their councils', school boards' and legislatures' proceedings. iSi LIVE constantly strives for new ways to make live-stream webcasting more effective and informative for the viewer, such as its recent development of closed captioning.

» isilive.ca